Flavor that takes you above the clouds

Our adventure started in Delaware Bay, the United States as following the scent of roasted coffee and it continued on different continents. Our accumulated flavors, ranging from America to Africa and then to Asia, were blended in Anatolia and served to you. As an innovative and dynamic coffee chain in Türkiye, we keep offering special flavors for coffee enthusiasts.

  • Sustainable Organic Coffee

    We are working with all our might to share our passion for good and quality coffee with an increasing number of coffee lovers every day. We participate in supportive projects for local producers in order for coffee to become a sustainable agricultural product and support them.

  • We Roast Our Coffee

    In collaboration with our coffee consultants, we purchase the finest coffee beans from local farms in Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua and Guatemala. We roast the coffee beans in our roasting center with our unique roasting profile in the advanced German technology of Probat roasting machine. This is the way how we always deliver a fresh and consistent taste in every cup of coffee.

  • Wide Product Range

    In addition to basic espresso-based coffees, we also have a wide-ranging beverage menu that includes signature drinks with special recipes from our internationally certified Chef Baristas. Just like our coffee, we are also confident in our accompanying products. We have a product range that appeals to all types of dietary habits, from healthy foods to sweets, sandwiches to pastries.

  • Unique Architectural Concept

    Alongside our friendly and fast service approach, we offer our guests a warm and enjoyable environment with our unique spatial design and peaceful ambiance. We provide a transition from the suffocating and fast-paced city life to a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

"Behind Every Cloud There is Happiness"





News From Us

Our Pelican Mall branch now opened in İstanbul!

Our Pelican Mall branch now opened in İstanbul!

We are at Başakşehir Çam ve Sakura City Hospital

We are at Başakşehir Çam ve Sakura City Hospital

Çekmeköy Branch has now opened!

Cups & Clouds branches are now open at Çekmeköy!

Our Vialand Mall Branch is now Open!

Cups & Clouds is continuously growing. Our branch at İstanbul’s Vialand Mall is now open!